Dr. Mansi Aggarwal mansiis an innovator, entrepreneur, investor and dentist. Prior to joining Sabre Capital, Mansi was a VC with SHS Capital in Germany looking at early stage med-tech companies in Europe. Prior to SHS, she worked with NHS Addenbrooks, UK identifying and evaluating unmet clinical needs specifically for NHS. As an ICMR research fellow at AIIMS, Mansi led the development of 2 innovative products for orthodontic implants and surgeries. Mansi was the co-founder and co-inventor of Transferlife Sheets, a medical device company that emanated from Stanford-India Biodesign and was eventually licensed to MGM. Mansi began her career as a Clinical Director of the Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute. 

Mansi holds a bachelors degree in Dental Surgery from SDC, India and an MBA from University of Cambridge where she was a Bursary Scholar. Mansi has multiple patents issued or pending for novel devices in oral care and critical care.