Rajiv Maliwal

Rajiv Maliwal is the Founder and Managing Partner of Sabre Partners, an investment group which has funded and led many startups and late stage …[Read More]


Sukesh Khandelwal

Sukesh Khandelwal has over 15 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, Audit and Taxation, Fund Accounting and Operations…..[Read More]


Dr. Mansi Aggarwal

Dr. Mansi Aggarwal is an innovator, entrepreneur, investor and dentist. Prior to joining Sabre Capital, Mansi was a VC with SHS Capital in Germany ..[Read More]


Minal Sequeira

Minal Sequeira has over 7 years of rich experience in Finance, Accounting, Legal, Compliance, Secretarial, Audit and Taxation functions…[Read More]


Alok Samtaney

Alok Samtaney has over 10 years experience in private equity investing and financial management in India. He has been with Sabre Partners…[Read More]


Davesh Manocha

Davesh Manocha has over 8 years of professional experience with corporate and financial institutions globally in private equity, …[Read More]


Vishal Karnani

Vishal Karnani has 4 years of professional experience in private equity and advisory services.…[Read More]