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about us

Sabre Partners is an India focused private equity fund with a distinguished track record of having delivered stellar returns for its investors. Founded by professionals from the financial services industry, the team has decades of experience of investing, managing and operating businesses in Asia and India. Sabre has followed a thematic investment approach and has successfully combined it with its rich experience of investing across economic cycles and business environments. It has invested over INR 1,300 cr in the past 15 years in India, in sectors including financial services, fintech, healthcare and healthtech, and has distributed over INR 6,800 cr, including from Centurion Bank of Punjab, one of Asia’s most successful financial services private equity exits of all time.

why Sabre Partners

Sabre Partners salutes the spirit of an entrepreneur, cherishes trust and values respect and ensures that its people it brings these qualities themselves to everything they do. Sabre seamlessly combines the skill of its people with their experience to bring capital and deep insights to their portfolio companies. Our holistic evaluation framework and all encompassing due diligence process enables us to offer custom insights and our flexibility provides multiple avenues to help companies accelerate along their growth trajectory. Sabre’s value add has always made a positive difference.

Sabre has successfully identified investment opportunities leveraging on its large proprietary network, as its team comes with a strong professional background and enjoys long standing relationships in the financial ecosystem within the country. Sabre also helps its portfolio companies attract professional managerial talent, forge strong strategic business alliances, improve access to debt markets, prepare companies for IPOs and ensure high standards of corporate governance, thereby creating value for promoters as well as its investors.

our team

The Sabre team has been working together for over 10 years, over 3 different funds and has an exceptional track record of maximising value and delivering returns. The Fund team provides management capabilities, strategic insights, capital structuring & financing, and external business networks, supported by expertise from an eminent Advisory Board.  The team’s entrepreneurial mind-set and strong skill sets in valuing businesses, developed on the back of robust due diligence models and frameworks provide a sense of cautious optimism to Sabre’s investment thesis.

focus areas


A staggering number of issues have created inefficiencies in the Indian healthcare system. These range from weak primary healthcare network and unequally distributed healthcare resources to low public expenditure and lax government regulation and accountability. We believe this sector offers tremendous potential at a favourable risk reward matrix and that there is potential for companies to succeed with newer and innovative business models with a strong focus on operational efficiency. Sabre has vast experience in this sector with over 8 investments and 4 exits, all of which have generated stellar returns for our investors. Sabre looks to invest across the healthcare spectrum in companies having favourable growth prospects and capital efficient business models across segments comprising hospitals, diagnostics, day care, single specialty, pharmacy, biotech, medical devices, clinical research and wellness.

Renewable Energy

India’s conventional power sector thwarts the country’s economic development due to high power deficits and burgeoning cost of generation. To address these energy challenges, there has been an increasing thrust towards promoting renewable energy in India. The Government, through the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has formulated a number of plans and policies to fulfill its mission of having per capita energy consumption at par with the global average level by 2050, through a sustainable and diverse fuel-mix. Besides providing an ecologically sustainable source of power, renewable energy addresses concerns on climate changes by increasing the share of clean power, generates employment opportunities, provides electrification in rural areas and reduces dependence on costly oil & coal imports. Sabre will focus on investments into companies operating in segments such as solar, wind, biomass and small hydro projects.

Financial Services

The sector attractiveness of financial services makes for a compelling investment thesis. The push by the government by providing new licenses and formation of small finance banks, payments banks etc shows a clear mandate of financial inclusion and provide compelling story for for capital providers as money is raw material to banks. Several early movers across the formats have have shown “proof of concept” for scalability of financial inclusion which could be replicated across the country. Further, Sabre’s fund raise from domestic financial institutions gives the fund competitive advantage due to strict foreign shareholding norms.

The specific opportunities provided by this sector are due to extreme concentration of banking credit to the corporates and system’s depositary franchise in the top 50 cities has led to underpenetrated base of pyramid market. Innovations in financial technology to provide cost efficiency, financial inclusion and a chance to cater to the tech-savvy millenials provide a huge growth opportunity and make this a sector ripe for disruptive business models.

These reasons coupled with Sabre’s exemplary track record and marquee deal experience in financial services sector make Sabre one of the leading financial services investors in India.


India is at the cusp of water insecurity as it houses ~ 19% of the world’s population but has only ~4% of the world’s water resources. Moreover, pressure on water is rising with rapid urbanization, growing population, industrialization and climatic changes. India’s water demand-supply is forecasted to see a ~50% shortfall, with demand growing at a CAGR of 40% between 2000 to 2025 while the supply side is finite. This has increased the government’s focus on the water and waste water treatment area with regulatory policies talking about management of water resources v/s development of water resources. Sabre will focus on investments in segments such as industrial and municipal water transmission and treatment, as well as across the value chain including equipments, technologies, projects, etc.

India’s growing population, industrialization and rapid urbanization has led to generation of huge quantities of municipal, industrial, biomedical and e-waste in the country. This waste, if untreated, can aggravate the existing environment problems in India thus making efficient collection, transportation, segregation, processing and disposal of waste of paramount importance. As a part of public health and sanitation, the government has also formulated various bodies and policies to provide an impetus to the sector. Sabre will focus on investments in all verticals across the value chain.


Sabre will also look to invest in companies engaged in other sectors where the company is able to demonstrate a superior profile, path to rapid scalability and potential to provide stellar returns in a
3 – 5 year period

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